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Alanis Morissette

While Alanis Morissette came to prominence largely on the strength of her seething, vengeful single "You Oughta Know," her evolution as an artist is a study in leapfrogged temperaments -- from her tomboy character on Canadian television's You Can't Do That on Television to her Juno Award-winning Dance Pop years (with material not unlike that of Tiffany or Debbie Gibson) to Jagged Little Pill's take-back-the-night stance to her current kinder, gentler, global self (No -- thank you, India). Morissette continues to do what most pop stars do best -- perform. While many artists of late have jumped on the phat beat bandwagon in a gamble for the approval of their audience and come up empty handed, Morissette's producer did so effectively with "Are You Still Mad," forging entrancing loops and eerily tense melodies to accompany her strong, dramatic vocal. The track marked a slight departure from the radio-friendly, heartwarming melodrama to which many had become so accustomed in recent years. Dark cellos and creepy, cascading piano melodies create engaging, almost cerebral soundscapes to offset Morissette's self-centered empowerment lyrics and dynamic, arena-friendly voice. An open challeng... See More

Alanis Morissette Concert Films

  • Live at Montreux 2012

    Alanis Morissette

    Year: 2012

    Runtime: 1 hr 38 min

    Alanis Morissette is one of the most successful female artists and songwriters of all time and has sold in excess of 60 million albums worldwide. Her voice is instantly recognizable and she is a consummate live performer. On July 2nd, 2012, Alanis Morissette returned to Montreux as part of her Guardian Angel Tour in support of her new album "Havoc And Bright Lights". It was her third appearance at the festival. The set showcased a number of tracks from the new album (at that point still to be released) alongside classic tracks from across her career. This is Alanis Morissette live at her very best.
  • Live at Soundstage

    Alanis Morissette

    Year: 2004

    Runtime: 55 min

    Explosive and energetic Alanis Morissette pulls in the audience on this Soundstage with hints of hard rock, gentle folk, electronic beats and free flowing Eastern melodies. The set includes quintessential hits about loving and letting go from the seven-time Grammy winner's days as a confessional rock phenomenon: "All I Really Want," "Hands Clean," "Thank U" and "Uninvited." The singer/songwriter also introduces fans to her latest and most adventurous album, So-Called Chaos, with songs including "Eight Easy Steps," and "Excuses," among others.

    The honest, unadulterated performance reflects Morissette's move away from her days as a rancorous 90's rocker, and into the mode of mature musician ready to experiment with her strengths. Morissette's enduring introspection, continual evolution and evocative stage presence shine in this Soundstage performance.

Alanis Morissette Top Tracks

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