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All American Rejects

All American Rejects Concert Films

  • Live at Soundstage

    All American Rejects

    Year: 2005

    Runtime: 58 min

    Power pop is arguably one of Americas greatest gifts, The All-American Rejects are champions of the genre. Group members Tyson Ritter, Nick Wheeler, Mike Kennerty and Chris Gaylor made their mark in 2002 with a memorable self-titled debut, which houses the buoyant hit Swing Swing. The All-American Rejects rev high with big, loud guitars and anthemic choruses. Catch the rocking All-American Rejects wave with Dirty Little Secret, Swing Swing and The Last Song on Soundstage. The All-American Rejects is like a feel-good summer trip on a sunny highway windows down, great pop blaring and not a care in the world.

All American Rejects Top Tracks

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