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Alt-J Concert Films

  • Garorock 2015


    Year: 2015

    Runtime: 1 hr 14 min

    Get lost in the post-modern lyricism and moody lighting of alt-J’s 2015 performance at Garorock. The English indie band enchants the crowd with their fan-favourite hits.
  • Live at The Cutting Room


    Year: 2012

    Runtime: 22 min

    There is something truly unique about the music that pours out of the four lads who comprise the experimental, indie outfit, Alt-J. It has a sparkling, melodious quality in the way the guitars fizzle in a bed of digital mist. But there are odd chanting harmonies, crunchy riffs that'll snap your teeth, and, most notably, a disjointed, percussive approach that's mightier than all. It's all helped to stew a bit of a phenomenon on the band's side of the Atlantic. Why just today the band snatched themselves a nomination for the prestigious Mercury Prize for their debut, An Awesome Wave (which is just about the best way to describe what lies within). Here in the US, the band is currently spreading the gospel one city at a time. Recently, that meant a quick stop at The Cutting Room Studios in NYC for a live-to-air session with our friends at KEXP Seattle. In its' aftermath, we're obviously converted...and we don't think you stand a chance either.

Alt-J Top Tracks

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