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Big World Breaks

Big World Breaks Concert Films

  • Band in Seattle: Live debut - Concert 110 A

    Big World Breaks

    Year: 2013

    Runtime: 36 min

    It all began when the world-famous Seattle-based breaking crew, the Massive Monkees, invited Aaron Walker-Loud (Big World Breaks founder, drummer and director) to provide music at break dancing competitions and jams in the early 2000’s. Putting together a team for such events took a need for players with versatility, power and improvisation skills. Walker-Loud dug deep into the funk, soul, jazz and world music communities to build the right crew for the job; many of whom are alumni of the nationally acclaimed Seattle jazz programs at Garfield and Roosevelt High School. For this performance, Big World Breaks consists of Mikaela Romero (vocals & percussion), Darrius Willrich (keys and b.g. vocals), Ariel Loud, (alto sax), Naomi Siegel (trombone), Tobi Stone (flute & tenor sax), Daniel Rapport (guitar), Camilo Estrada (bass), Ival Galvez (percussion) and Aaron Walker-Loud (drums & M.D.). Big World Breaks now stands as a serious force to be reckoned with on stage and in the studio.

Big World Breaks Top Tracks

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