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Bill Frisell

It's rare that such an artistic maverick as Bill Frisell should be such a soft spoken and humble man. He's never one to sing his own praises, yet this truly gifted jazz guitarist has always followed his own muse, quietly gaining more and more fans with each passing year by combining avant garde improvisational jazz with bluegrass, folk and rock. It's to Frisell's credit that his music never sounds like a fusion of styles but seems completely natural and organic. He can bombard the listener with sound or stretch out with soft melodic tunes but that naturalness runs through all his work and may be the key to his success. It's gratifying that the public has embraced Frisell's music -- there is still room for excellence and experimentation in mainstream America after all.

Bill Frisell Concert Films

  • Solos: The Jazz Sessions

    Bill Frisell

    Year: 2010

    Runtime: 1 hr 2 min

    An up-close portrayal of Frisell, filmed by Daniel Berman at the Berkeley Church in Toronto. This rare solo session features an intimate look into his electric guitar and looping wizardry, and includes an exclusive interview with Frisell. On the taping of Solos Frisell comments, "It's a weird thing playing solo. I live for the interaction with other musicians."

Bill Frisell Top Tracks

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