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Bloc Party

Bloc Party's tense, impassioned, guitar-addled pop has made for moments of clarity and serenity within the post-punk revisionist manifesto of 2005. The group, however stylish and fashionable, put forth an air of strong, melodic sensibleness combined with a backbeat that is quietly manic and danceable. Basically presented to the public on the backs of their friends in Franz Ferdinand, the band found an audience among people that had no right to expect anything more than a copycat band. Instead, they've been given an evolving, unique outfit that knows how to mix up euphoria and propulsive (at times convulsive) rhythms.

Bloc Party Concert Films

  • Live at The Hordern Pavilion

    Bloc Party

    Year: 2013

    Runtime: 1 hr 34 min

    Armed with an epic laser show, the British indie mavericks delivered a thrilling show at Sydney's Hordern Pavillion in March 2013 and we were there with cameras rolling. The UK four-piece delighted fans with a stellar set of surging new songs 'Octopus', 'Truth', 'Ratchet' and classic Bloc busters 'Banquet', 'Like Eating Glass', 'Helicopter'.

Bloc Party Top Tracks

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