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Clutch play thick, greasy Metal with one foot in the '70s Hard Rock of Led Zeppelin and the other in the '90s crunch of Pantera and Helmet. Their trademark sound revolves around bloozy guitar/bass riffs and funky, stop-start drumbeats, all topped off by frontman Neil Fallon's eccentric vocals. He barks, talks, raps and emits other assorted noises in a cigarette-damaged tone. Song titles such as "The House That Peterbilt, "Elephant Riders" and "Texan Book of the Dead" offer a sense of what to expect from their lyrics -- a mix of surreal storytelling, sci-fi obsessions and self-aware redneck humor. Since their 1993 debut Transnational Speedway League, they've let go of some of their aggro tendencies, instead going in a more southern Funk Rock direction that has led some to call them a "hillbilly Primus."

Clutch Concert Films

  • Full Fathom Five


    Year: 2006

    Runtime: 1 hr 32 min

    Compiled from four locations on Clutch's 2007/2008 sold out headlining world tour (Boulder, Sayerville, Pittsburgh & Melbourne) these groove-laden live releases prove what the diehard fan base already knows; that CLUTCH have risen to the top of America's live music pyramid! There's plenty of classic CLUTCH riffage here including "Escape From the Prison Planet", Texan Book of the Dead", "Elephant Riders", & "Animal Farm". There's also numerous modern heavyweight rock radio & MTV staples like "Electric Worry", "Burning Beard", 10001110101, & "The Mob Goes Wild".

Clutch Top Tracks

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