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Corinne Bailey Rae

Corinne Bailey Rae grew up in Leeds, England, and started singing at church at an early age. "People think it must have been a gospel church because of the whole, you know, black assumption," she says in her bio, in reference to her mixed race background. "But it wasn't gospel at all," she adds. "Just your regular brethren church -- very middle class." Singing in church allowed Rae to develop her talent and broaden her tastes in music, and when her youth leader offered to buy her an electric guitar she jumped at the chance. Rae put the violin she had been playing down and took up the guitar with a vengeance. With a burgeoning love for Led Zeppelin to inspire her, she decided that writing her own music was the key to her future. So when the 15-year-old first heard noisy, female-fronted bands such as Veruca Salt and L7, she immediately wanted in. Enter Helen. Rae and her teenage cohorts may not have been great at picking band names, but they knew how to rock. The group cultivated a large, loyal following and eventually record labels came a-calling. Having signed to Roadrunner Records, Rae felt she had finally fulfilled her destiny. But when the bassist told the band she was pregna... See More

Corinne Bailey Rae Concert Films

  • Live in London & New York

    Corinne Bailey Rae

    Year: 2006

    Runtime: 59 min

    Citing influences as diverse as Björk, Erykah Badu, and L7, Corinne Bailey Rae burst onto the music scene in 2006 with her self-titled debut. These two concerts include fan favorites from the singer-songwriter, including performances of the simple "Like A Star" and the sultry "I'd Like To. " LIVE IN CONCERT LONDON & NEW YORK also features videos for four of her singles, including "Put Your Records On" and "Trouble Sleeping. "

Corinne Bailey Rae Top Tracks

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