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Dave Stewart

Indeed, this is the same Dave Stewart who turned European pop music on its head in the early '80s with Annie Lennox as the Eurythmics. They created slow motion grooves, closer to a smoky bar lounge than a disco, until their breakup at decade’s end. Through the '90s, Dave Stewart produced many artists, as well as worked on film soundtracks. Now, he directs himself towards elaborate orchestrations of contemporary down-tempo dance music. And, as you might expect, the production is immaculate.

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  • The Ringmaster General

    Dave Stewart

    Year: 2012

    Runtime: 1 hr 19 min

    Dave Stewart is best known as the other half of Annie Lennox's Eurythmics. At the onset of MTV and the video age, Stewart wasn't as photogenic as his artistic foil. He still knows this, so he enlists the help of Diane Birch, Alison Krauss and Joss Stone to give his music a recognizable voice. Stewart himself sings in a low rumble that's powerful but too dark for commercial outlets and this solo album is clearly meant to reach a wide audience. The production is top notch and played and arranged so tightly that you can hear why others have required his services for decades. Like its predecessor, 2011's The Blackbird Diaries, The Ringmaster General was written and recorded in five days at his Blackbird Studios in Nashville, with a solid band of pros backing his every step. Joss Stone tears up "I Got Love." Diane Birch toys with Stewart on "Just Another Fall" and Alison Krauss adds her solemn harmonies to "Drowning In the Blues." Stewart handles himself well alone on "A Different Man Now" and with a group of backing vocalists on his celebration of his new home, "A New Song For Nashville."

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