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David Crosby

The Byrds wouldn't have been the same band without the god-given vocal touches and innovative songwriting of David Crosby. While he was helping to give California a sound that continues to be imitated to this day, he wrote some of the most beautiful Psychedelic ballads ever. Transcendental epics like "Draft Morning" and "Eight Miles High" fused soundscapes with love songs, and spacemen with cowboys. After Crosby quit the band in 1967, during the recording of the Notorious Byrd Brothers record (there's a hidden track of heated studio chatter on the reissue of this album), he released a masterpiece of a debut solo album pointedly titled "If I Could Only Remember My Name." He went on to help form Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, the grand supergroup of vocal harmony. In the 1990s, Crosby began work with a project consisting of his faithful guitar player, Jeff Pevar, and his own son, James Raymond, on the keyboards. The group goes by the name CPR.

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