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Good Charlotte

D.C.-based punk-poppers Good Charlotte made the Top 40 in 2002 with the snarly hit "Lifestyles of the Rich And Famous." Since then, they've become awefully rich and famous, appearing in episodes of MTV Cribs, wherein they show off their whips and dubs and what not. The band is fronted by twin brothers Joel and Benji Madden, devout fans of spiky hair and eyeliner both. Billy Martin, Dean Butterworth and Paul Thomas fill out the lineup. The band rode blink-182's coat tails in the early '00s, dropping "Rich And Famous," as well as MTV staple "The Anthem" and touring the world. 2004's Chronicles of Life and Death went platinum, but failed to match the sales of its predecessor. In 2007, the band dropped Good Morning Revival, featuring single "The River," a song that indicated it was just fine staying the pop-punk course it struck gold with five years prior.

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