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In an era dominated by unwashed rock gods with goatees and affected temperaments, Hanson seemed unlikely candidates for recognition. For starters, they cared less about purging their tortured souls than creating songs that were the aural equivalent of sugar cubes. Secondly, they had the cherubic exteriors to go with the angelic harmonies (bright, beaming faces and boy-next-door smiles), and seemed wholly uninterested in donning a stitch of flannel. Hanson were less than innovative -- their music recalled Bubblegum so sweet it made the New Kids on the Block sound like Alice Cooper -- but their ability to craft a catchy pop tune was so on-the-head that even uninterested parties found themselves singing "MMMBop" under their breaths and trying to no avail to remove the song from where it stuck like glue between their ears. Fact is, Hanson's brand of sticky pop tastes so good going down that it's nearly impossible not to like. And while they aren't pioneers in their field, their success opened a flood gate that allowed a deluge of sugar-obsessed acts to wash away the dingy remains of Grunge.

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