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J.J. Cale

The king of laid-back acoustic Boogie Rock, J.J. Cale started his career in Los Angeles. A few demos later and a lack of a record deal sent him packing back to his home base of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Fortunately, a young Eric Clapton heard and recorded a version of Cale's "After Midnight" in 1970. The success of this version, as well as Clapton's version of Cale's "Cocaine" in the later 1970s, allowed him a constant source of revenue that would aid his low-profile career. Often chastised for not veering off the path of dusty sounding, low-key blues, his understated originality justifies such obstinacy.

J.J. Cale Concert Films

  • In Session

    J.J. Cale

    Year: 1978

    Runtime: 1 hr 19 min

    This film is the most intimate look at JJ Cale ever. Recorded in 1979 at the Paradise Studios in Los Angeles this rare and unique session with Leon Russell on keyboards, has never been seen before and gives fans the chance to see this unique talent at work in the studio.

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