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John Abercrombie

The 56 year old guitarist Abercrombie was a major star of the 1970s and 1980s whose adventuress playing and open minded approach signified much of what was intriguing about Jazz Fusion at its beginnings. Abercrombie worked as a sideman for a number of diverse artists in the late 1960s including blues singer John Hammond, Jr, and pianist Chico Hamilton, before setting out on his own. His playing ranges from Hard Bop, to burning Fusion, to an almost ambient chamber jazz sound that is indicative of a lot of his work for the influential ECM label. He has influenced numerous younger players from Leni Stern to Bill Frisell.

John Abercrombie Concert Films

  • Solos: The Jazz Sessions

    John Abercrombie

    Year: 2009

    Runtime: 48 min

    Guitarist John Abercrombie combines bop and free jazz stylistic elements with electronics utilizing phase shifters, guitar synthesizers and the good old volume pedal. What has kept his playing fresh is his refusal to be chained to these digital devices. As he told Down Beat writer Bill Milkowski, "I try to adjust my playing to the timbre and learn something about how to play that sound, yet at the same time I have to try and force the instrument to play with me a little bit. In other word, I sometimes try to overplay the instrument."

John Abercrombie Top Tracks

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