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John Scofield

Throughout his days as a guitarist with Jazz-Funk pioneer Billy Cobham, his 1980s Fusion classics with Miles Davis, and his later solo career, John Scofield has developed an extremely individual sound, bolstered by many top-notch sidemen. He's simplified his style over the years, opting for a bluesy, funkier vibe compared to his earlier, more complex songwriting. While many guitarists express themselves with endless streams of eighth notes, Scofield makes his mark by expertly finding the notes that carry over from chord to chord -- though to be fair, Scofield can blaze a fast Bebop run with unbelievable ease. His distinct, behind-the-beat rhythmic phrasing, trademark chorus, and semi-hollowbody sound have influenced thousands of guitarists.

John Scofield Concert Films

  • New Morning: The Paris Concert

    John Scofield

    Year: 2010

    Runtime: 1 hr 56 min

    John is considered one of the most important and influential jazz guitarists and composers since he arrived on the scene in the mid '70s. A masterful improviser at the peak of his creative art, Scofield revisits compositions & interpretations richly combining post-bop, funk-edged jazz, and R&B influences. This brilliant performance by John Scofield (backed by master drummer Bill Stewart, bassist Ben Street and pianist Michael Eckroth) is a true gem.

John Scofield Top Tracks

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