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Joni Mitchell

When it comes to women's music in the twentieth century, Joni Mitchell stands as the preeminent trailblazer. With musings in almost every genre, Mitchell paved the way for many other popular female singer-songwriters. Like many others, she got her start playing folk music in coffeehouses during the early 1960s. In 1967, Reprise Records released her self-titled acoustic debut. 1969 saw the release of her second album Clouds, followed in 1970 by the successful Ladies of the Canyon, which featured the chart-topping "Big Yellow Taxi." But it was the moody and cathartic Blue (1971) that put her on the map of musical genius: the album even inspired Bob Dylan to write "Tangled Up In Blue." Mitchell dialed up the jazz on Court and Spark (1974), which spawned three major hit singles -- "Free Man in Paris," "Raised on Robbery" and "Help Me." Throughout her career, Joni Mitchell has experimented and taken risks with her music. To this day, she continues to explore new ground and hark back to the old folkie ways that gave her snowball its first push.

Joni Mitchell Concert Films

  • A Woman of Heart and Mind

    Joni Mitchell

    Year: 2002

    Runtime: 1 hr 32 min

    Joni Mitchell's career has been guided by an artistic integrity that i an example to all. Crossing musical boundaries with scorn, she has generated critical acclaim whichever route she chooses to follow. From bands like Crosby Stills Nash and Young covering her early work through to working with be-bop legend Charles Mingus, to her most recent and still as highly acclaimed work; 'Woman of Heart And Mind' documents the incredible achievements and influence that Joni Mitchel has had against all the odds in this ever more conformist world. With over 40 archive musical excerpts and interviews with collaborators including David Crosby, James Taylor and Herbie Hancock, plus archive and contemporary interviews with Joni herself, this documentary tells for the first time the full remarkable story of a performer and songwriter which clearly justifies her iconic status.
  • Painting With Words And Music

    Joni Mitchell

    Year: 1997

    Runtime: 1 hr

    Joni Mitchell, Canadas queen of folk/pop, performs before an intimate audience on the Warners Lot in Los Angeles, in a specially set up auditorium displaying a gallery of her own paintings. Playing in the round with a small band she delivers tracks from across her career including all her best loved songs.

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