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Kate Nash

Though word of wry British songstress Kate Nash was slow to cross the pond to the U.S., the singer/songwriter spent a good deal of 2007 inching up the British charts, helped by ample lip service from Brit pop singer Lily Allen and the successful charting of a pair of singles off her Foundations EP and subsequent 2007 debut LP, Made of Bricks. Nash played piano as a girl and pursued acting as a teen, but she didn't start performing publicly until the spring of 2006, when, after being rejected from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, she decided on a career in music. Helped immensely by the social networking site MySpace, it was little more than a year after her first gig when Nash was topping British charts with her debut LP, headlining major British pop festivals and touring internationally.

Kate Nash Concert Films

  • Live at Soundstage

    Kate Nash

    Year: 2007

    Runtime: 49 min

    Nash's Soundstage appearance features such as "Pumpkin Soup", "Mouthwash", "Stitching Legs"; with all its infectious sing-along tunes and catchy beats,watch Nash doing what she does best as she captivates the audience with her amazing energy and down to earth personality.

Kate Nash Top Tracks