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Neil Diamond

OK, Neil Diamond is an easy target for parody -- voice straight outta Brooklyn, bespangled shirt straight outta Vegas. But this ex-Brill Building tunesmith crafted a batch of excellent songs during the 1960s (hits such as "Solitary Man" for himself and "I'm a Believer" for the Monkees) before emerging as a stadium superstar. His bombastic, ubermelodramatic work from the 1970s has earned him an enormous, if aging, female following who feel that Diamond tells them what their tight-lipped, big-bellied husbands never will. Today, a new generation of ironic hipster fans have swelled their ranks. Both these groups know that underneath the florid orchestrations and over-the-top emotion lies the truth. Who doesn't feel that love can go on the rocks? Who hasn't experienced a great September morning? Be it a longtime fan in too-snug polyester trousers or a smug 25-year-old in his dad's leisure suit -- both pump their fists in unison during "America." Neil Diamond, an undeserving nation thanks you for trying to put some feeling (however unsubtle) into our bored, numbed lives.

Neil Diamond Concert Films

  • Thank You Australia Concert

    Neil Diamond

    Year: 1975

    Runtime: 1 hr 52 min

    Neil Diamond is an American legend. He is one of the finest and most successful songwriters of the last forty years as well as being a multi-platinum selling recording artist and one of the most dynamic and consummate live performers of his generation. This concert from the Sydney Sports Stadium was the culmination of his Australia & New Zealand tour in 1976, an event which marked his comeback to the live stage after a creatively fruitful four year sabbatical from live performance. The vast crowd was typical of this record breaking tour, still one of the most memorable in Australian history, and Neil Diamond delivered the enthralling performance of a true showman.

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