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Procol Harum

Procol Harum had a genuinely freakish history, transforming from successful R&B journeymen to progenitors of the prog-rock movement, thanks to a major hit with a melody cribbed from Johann Sebastian Bach that came out before they were even a proper band. The nascent art rockers began as members of the Paramounts, an R&B outfit featuring pianist Gary Brooker, drummer B. J. Wilson and guitarist Robin Trower. The band -- which the three friends had formed as 14-year-old schoolmates -- not only had a chart hit (with a cover of the Coaster's "Poison Ivy"), they also had the distinction of being named by the Rolling Stones as their favorite British R&B group. But after reaching a respectable #35 with "Poison Ivy," the band never again charted, and were eventually reduced to serving as a backing band for proto-pop stars Sandy Shaw and Chris Andrews. In September of 1966, the members went their separate ways, Trower and Wilson joining other bands and Brooker becoming a full-time songwriter with partner Keith Reid. Within a year, the songwriting duo had a prodigious body of work, and assembled a band they inexplicably dubbed the Pinewoods, with Brooker as pianist/singer, Matthew Fishe... See More

Procol Harum Concert Films

  • Pop Shop

    Procol Harum

    Year: 1967

    Runtime: 40 min

    This Procol Harum concert features hits “Bringing Home the Bacon,” “Grand Hotel,” “Fires (Which Burnt Brightly),” “A Salty Dog,” “A Rum Tale,” “Conquistador,” “For Liquorice John,” “Power Failure,” and “A Souvenir of London.”

Procol Harum Top Tracks

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