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One of the 1990s' greatest success stories, Radiohead came to prominence largely on the success of their distorted, ingratiating single "Creep." Drolly repeating "I'm a creep / I'm a loser" in the pounding wake of arena rock guitars wasn't going to win them any artistic grants, but those lyrics and bouts with piercing feedback would not be soon forgotten. It wasn't until The Bends (1995) that Radiohead transcended the formula, crafting the patient, heart-wrenching "Fake Plastic Trees" and the magnetic, sunshine-driven "Black Star." Thom Yorke's signature falsetto began to operate in a more deeply emotional capacity at this point. Finally producing to the caliber of their songwriting, Radiohead's OK Computer demonstrated a staggering attention to detail, probably ranking as one of the greatest commercial artistic successes of the '90s. Rarely does a record offer masterpieces in varying moods. From the thunderously suspenseful "Airbag" to the moody chime of the blustery "Let Down," Radiohead emerged victorious. The alt-rock superstardom and critical gushing that followed pushed them into their darkest and most creative space yet, and they delivered the electronic-tinged Kid A in 2000... See More

Radiohead Concert Films

  • Meeting People is Easy: A Film by Grant Lee about Radiohead


    Year: 1997

    Runtime: 1 hr 34 min

    MEETING PEOPLE IS EASY presents a visual diary of Radiohead's 1997-98 world tour in support of their acclaimed album OK COMPUTER. The film includes behind-the-scenes and concert footage of the innovative band in Barcelona, Paris, New York, and Tokyo. Interviews with band members Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, Colin Greenwood, Ed O'Brien, and Phil Selway, along with director Grant Gee's artfully probing camera, provide candid, revealing insights into the difficulties of dealing with the unwelcome label of "rock star." This often melancholy documentary features clips of songs such as "Lucky," "Airbag," "A Reminder," "Paranoid Android," "Street Spirit," and "Electioneering."
  • The Astoria London Live


    Year: 1993

    Runtime: 1 hr 7 min

    In this 1994 concert performance from English alternative rock superstars Radiohead, the band plays a seventeen-song set that includes such hits as "Creep", "Fake Plastic Trees", and "Pop is Dead" before a live audience at London's famed Astoria.

Radiohead Top Tracks

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