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Randy Newman

Randy Newman is a hard one to pigeonhole. He set the stage for such songwriters as Tom Waits and Lyle Lovett with his odd-mannered vocals and witty, yet bleak, narrative songs. A fine craftsman, Newman couples his talent for lyrics with catchy pop melodies -- the kind that grandma has the sheet music to and plays on hot, summer nights. He's like an unholy alliance between Elvis Costello and Elton John -- which means he's either too hip or just not square enough for much of the public. That said, Newman has been releasing strong albums since 1968, and he's even had hit songs, like "Short People" and "I Love L.A." -- with most missing the ironic content. Since Ragtime in 1981, Hollywood has paid his bills, and Newman has written a string of film scores, from The Natural to Toy Story. Song or musical suite, Newman's music offers snapshots of America -- some fawning, others unflattering.

Randy Newman Concert Films

  • Live in London

    Randy Newman

    Year: 2007

    Runtime: 1 hr 20 min

    While touring in support of his 2008 album Harps and Angels, Randy Newman performed a special concert at London's intimate LSO St. Luke's, an 18th-century Anglican church that has been restored by the London Symphony Orchestra for use in its community and music education programs. He was accompanied by the BBC Concert Orchestra, conducted by Robert Ziegler, and the program was televised by the BBC. Nonesuch Records now releases this concert as Randy Newman: Live in London.

Randy Newman Top Tracks

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