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Roger Waters

Perhaps the most arrogant figure in rock music, but also one of the most brilliant. A founding member of Pink Floyd, Waters assumed control of the band after Syd Barrett stumbled into perpetual psychedelic oblivion in 1968. With increasing amounts of personal input, he led them to FM radio immortality with the Psychedelic masterpieces Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall, not to mention a string of hugely selling records that were the ONLY music to listen to for thousands of tripping teenagers from the 1970s well into the '80s. After a bitter split with the rest of the group in 1983, Waters continued to produce electronically innovative records, tinkering with the Rock Opera genre with varying results. Today, we find Waters teaming up with big guns Ennio Morricone and Eddie Van Halen (!) for a single featured on the soundtrack for Tim Roth's new movie, The Legend of 1900.

Roger Waters Concert Films

  • Love for Levon: A Benefit To Save The Barn

    Various Artists

    Year: 2012

    Runtime: 2 hr 40 min

    It only takes about 200 folks to rattle the rafters during one of the Midnight Rambles at Levon Helm's rustic studio in Woodstock, New York. But it took the 20,000-seat Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey, to hold his adoring fans for the LOVE FOR LEVON tribute concert on October 3, 2012. Helm, who died the previous April from throat cancer, organized his first Ramble back in 2004. People flocked to these intimate events Levon hosted, joined by an enviable core of Woodstock-based musicians and special guests. You couldn't beat the intimacy or the vibe. The Izod Center concert served as a fund-raiser and pledge to keep the Rambles alive. Dozens of luminaries from rock, soul, and country-artists as diverse as Roger Waters, Mavis Staples, and My Morning Jacket-gathered to pay their collective respects in an incredible final tribute to Levon Helm. This LOVE FOR LEVON extravaganza features 27 songs capped by a full group finale of The Weight, one of Levon's greatest moments on record. On this magical night, everyone felt the outpouring of love toward Levon. That evening, one at a time, or sometimes in pairs, music royalty took turns in the spotlight, performing songs associated with Levon Helm and the Band. Produced by Blackbird Presents

Roger Waters Top Tracks

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