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Roxy Music

With albums that reek of cigarettes, absinthe, and sex, Roxy Music helped shape the artier side of 1970s and '80s Punk with their incredibly rich (yet deliciously subversive) early albums. Their first four records, released between 1972-1974, are filled with intensely passionate, undeniably beautiful, and downright groundbreaking moments. The voice, face, and stylistic force behind Roxy was Bryan Ferry, chief songwriter and dapper vampire-about-town. Megaproducer and ambient pioneer Brian Eno was an original member. He appeared on the first two records, adding bubbly, noisy, and sometimes decidedly non-musical synth effects. With strange usage of keyboards, sax lines that ranged from atonal skronking to soulful R&B, and supple guitar playing that rivaled Mick Ronson, the band was a musical powerhouse. Ferry's love of pop melodies and his ability to croon, bellow, and vamp with such disarming power brought all these elements together. Roxy always varied from sleek, sexy pop to jagged rockers to swelling ballads, and the former won out by the time of Siren (1975), culminating in the lush, gorgeous music of Avalon (1982). They ended their career revealing just how intoxicating romance... See More

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  • More Than This

    Roxy Music

    Year: 2005

    Runtime: 52 min

    Roxy Musics unique blend of avant-garde rock music and high style set the tone for the whole glam rock era. They were much imitated, but never equalled. This documentary tells the story of Roxy Music through new interviews with band members Bryan Ferry, Phil Manzanera, Andy Mackay, Paul Thompson, Brian Eno, and Eddie Jobson plus many of their contemporaries. The program covers their early years, the classic seventies albums, their re-emergence with a much smoother style in the early eighties, the bands break up and then their hugely successful reunion in the 21st century. The final 15 or so minutes is what fans will be looking forward to the most. From a London concert in 2006, Roxy Music are shown playing "Both Ends Burning," "Editions of You," and "Do The Strand." For anyone interested in the history of one of seventies most inscrutable bands, Roxy Music - More Than This is an excellent addition to your collection.

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