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Country-pop duo Sugarland began as a trio playing in small clubs in Atlanta, Georgia. The trio, Jennifer Nettles, Kristen Hall and Kristian Bush, were all fixtures on the Atlanta scene through various other projects (most notably Bush's outfit, Billy Pilgrim) but it was when they came together as Sugarland in 2002 that people began to take notice. After a number of sold-out shows, the group was signed to Mercury Records. In 2004, Sugarland released their debut, Twice the Speed of Life, which spawned the hits "Baby Girl" (which spent a whopping 46 weeks on the Billboard charts) and "Something More." Shortly before heading back to the studio, Kristen Hall announced she was leaving the band to concentrate on songwriting. Now a duo, Sugarland released Enjoy the Ride in late 2006, and despite the absence of Hall, the album went double-platinum, thanks in part to the heartfelt tear-jerker "Stay." In the summer of 2008, Sugarland released the uber catchy single, "All I Want to Do," which rocketed up the country charts, prompting an early release of their third album, Love On The Inside.

Sugarland Concert Films

  • Incredible Machine


    Year: 2009

    Runtime: 57 min

    Jennifer Nettles’ voice can hold its own in any setting, but exceeds expectations alongside partner Kristian Bush’s mandolin strumming at the Grainger Studio. During this sensational hour, Sugarland presents a versatile set that gains momentum with each song. “Joey” is heartbreakingly sincere, “Everyday America” reveals strong, twangy vocals while broken-down acoustics give “Stay” a more traditional country sound. Their forte is to effortlessly transition from energetic pop songs to heartfelt, soulful ballads without skipping a beat. The dynamic duo also present older classics like “Baby Girl” and even venture into covers of R.E.M to pay homage to shared Atlanta roots during their set.

Sugarland Top Tracks

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