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Talib Kweli

A New York emcee admired for his champion mic skills and conscious lyricism, Talib Kweli has been a very busy man, dropping hot tracks at an astounding rate. He is one half (along with Mos Def) of Black Star, whose 1998 debut garnered worldwide critical acclaim. Kweli has also contributed tracks to some of the most important hip-hop compilations in recent years, including both Soundbombing collections, Lyricist Lounge Vol. 1 and New York State of Mind 1 and 2. An outspoken supporter of many sociopolitical issues (both on and off the mic), and he's also appeared on The Unbound Project and Hip Hop For Respect. As if that's not enough, his other group Reflection Eternal (a collaboration with DJ Hi-Tek), have stepped out with several 12-inches and an excellent debut LP. Talib released his long-awaited first solo album Quality in 2002, and found radio love with the single "Get By." His second full-length, The Beautiful Struggle hit the scene two years later, followed by 2007's Eardrum.

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