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The Five Finger Discount

The Five Finger Discount Concert Films

  • Band in Seattle: Live Debut

    Julia Massey and The Five Finger Discount

    Year: 2016

    Runtime: 38 min

    Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount is a sweetly trippy, magical musical trio led by dreamy flaxen-blonde vocalist/keyboardist Julia and flanked by her happily-raging rhythm section, Matt Deason (bass) and Dominic Cortese (drums).
    Julia and Matt and Dom share a deep passion for pho between playing their own private festivals - while also playing out at legendary Seattle venues like the Triple Door and the Showbox (along with the Tractor, Sunset, and Barboza) with similarly adept and inspired artists as Camille Bloom, Robb Benson, Red Jacket Mine, Carla Torgerson, Wayne Horvitz, the Hoot Hoots, the Great Um, and many others.

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