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Tokyo Police Club

Tokyo Police Club hails from Newmarket, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto, and features David Monks (vocals, bass), Josh Hook (guitar), Graham Wright (keyboards) and Greg Alsop (drums). After their first attempt at a band sputtered, these high school classmates formed Tokyo Police Club, cultivating a disjointed twist on fashionable post-punk and indie rock, cushioned with agitated guitar hooks, bubbling bass lines, colorful keyboards and quirky lyrics.

Tokyo Police Club Concert Films

  • Live at The Studio

    Tokyo Police Club

    Year: 2010

    Runtime: 29 min

    Since storming on to the scene in '06, TPC have honed in on the kind of proper, pop chops that have given them the inside track on this here music industry of ours. Theirs' are tunes that come packaged with a host of tasty touches hiding inside: acrobatic swirls of guitar, warm and woozy swells of synthesizer, and of course, Dave Monks' endearing, boy next door vocal delivery at the helm of the quartet.

Tokyo Police Club Top Tracks

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