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The Everly Brothers - Reunion Concert: Live at the Royal Albert Hall

Ben Fong-Torres Posted to Artist Spotlight on January 17, 2014

When Phil Everly died early this year, a lot of music-loving writers got their chance to pay tribute to one of the greatest rock and roll acts of all time: the Everly Brothers. Big as they were in the late ‘50s and through the ‘60s, they weren’t that easy to write about. They famously broke up in 1973 in the midst of a concert in California, and didn’t reunite until a decade later. And although they each made solo albums as well as joint projects over the pas…

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Zac Brown Band - Pass the Jar

Ben Fong-Torres Posted to Artist Spotlight on January 6, 2014

The Zac Brown Band members must’ve laughed when they heard that they’d won a Grammy as Best New Artist for 2010.  “New”? Brown had been Zacking away, with different musicians, since 2002, and put out DIY albums in 2004 and 2005 before breaking through in 2008. By fall of ’09, when they performed the concert captured in Pass the Jar, they were big enough to headline a fundraiser at the Fox Theater in his home town of Atlanta, and to bring on a strea…

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Chris Isaak Christmas: A Soundstage Special

Ben Fong-Torres Posted to Artist Spotlight on December 16, 2013

I’ve looked at most of the holiday-themed films we have here on Qello, and, mittens down, the best one is Chris Isaak’s. That’s because he  clearly embraces the Christmas season. He not only knows the music, he’s written several  holiday tunes of his own. He loves the glitter and colors of the season; that’s obvious to fans who’ve seen him in his sequined jackets, playing a guitar loudly emblazoned with his name. He’s a friendly, f…

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The Yardbirds: Making Tracks

Ben Fong-Torres Posted to Artist Spotlight on December 7, 2013

This is a fine and fascinating film of a modern day version of a classic band, the Yardbirds.  Too bad that some music journalists have been too quick on the draw and dismissive. At, an otherwise excellent biography concludes: “Thirty five years after their breakup in 1968, original members Chris Dreja and Jim McCarty pulled together a slew of new musicians to record a new album … and followed it with a tour of the United States.” “A slew o…

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Classic Albums: Rumours by Fleetwood Mac

Ben Fong-Torres Posted to Artist Spotlight on November 23, 2013

Fleetwood Mac and Rumours make for a classic edition of the Classic Albums documentary series. The 1977 album topped the charts for 31 weeks; it was made under the most taxing of circumstances, and all five principals talk openly about going through—and somehow surviving—the process. As Stevie Nicks said, “We wondered if we’d get through Rumours.” They did, and 20 years later, they dissected most of the songs, recalled the year-long project – almo…

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