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Lamb of God: As the Palaces Burn

Posted to Artist Spotlight on November 14, 2013

Ten years ago, one of the most influential metal albums of the new millennium was released. As the Palaces Burn was the breakout album for the hardcore metal band Lamb of God. Its critical and commercial success would trigger the resurgence of dozens of new groove metal bands in the spirit of Pantera on the underground metal scene. This album, held dearly by fans, has been re-released with a new, digitally re-mastered mix. Along with the album re-release, the band has issued a docum…

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Lou Reed - Classic Albums: Transformer

Ben Fong-Torres Posted to Artist Spotlight on October 28, 2013

“It’s just an album,” says Lou Reed about Transformer. “You know, you do an album, and then you have the rest of your life.” Reed made that album in 1972. The rest of his life would amount to more than 40 years, as he died Sunday, October 27, 2013, in Southampton, at age 71. Transformer, of course, was not “just an album,” or, as Reed said early in the 2001 Classic Albums documentary about it, “just a moment in time.” Dave Stew…

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Green Day: ¡Cuatro!

Ben Fong-Torres Posted to Artist Spotlight on October 3, 2013

It looks, early on, like a Beach Boys documentary, with the surf, the surfer, and the talk about a band needing to take some time off. But the surfer is Billie Joe Armstrong, and the band, of course, is Green Day, who probably could sound like Brian Wilson and company if it wanted to. ¡Cuatro! reveals the East Bay band as thoughtful and thought-out, from their perspectives on being in the music industry to the way they break down the elements of songs they’re wor…

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Florence + the Machine: Live at the NME Awards 2009

Ben Fong-Torres Posted to Artist Spotlight on September 27, 2013

Florence + the Machine is really all about Florence Mary Leotine Welch. The Machine is rotating and interchangeable, and any given concert can include a harp and a string section as well as the machine’s core: a solid, soulful rock band. Whoever’s behind her, Florence flows, through an impressive range of songs and sounds that have drawn comparisons to Kat Nash and Lily Allen, the Ting Tings and the Noisettes, Kate Bush and Siousie Sioux. If you know most of these name…

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Farm Aid 2003: Part 2

Ben Fong-Torres Posted to Artist Spotlight on September 18, 2013

Emmylou Harris and company (including Sheryl Crow, Brooks and Dunn and Los Lonely Boys) were just fine in Part One of this Soundstage presentation of the Farm Aid concert of 2003. But now, unmistakably, here come the headliners. At least that’s how it feels, as Part Two offers Dave Matthews, John Mellencamp, Neil Young, and the original organizer of this near-annual fundraiser for family farms and farmers: Willie Nelson. But surprise: It’s not Nelson who steals the show…

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