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New Music Tuesday

Nicole Zeitzer Johnson Posted to New Releases on May 28, 2013

If the K-Fed years made you forget what an amazingly hot dancer/entertainer Britney is, this documentary is your reminder.  The “My Prerogative” track says it all.
Britney Spears - Queen of Pop  This doc showcases a radical turning point in the world and in music, set to the ethereal, orchestral sound of the Moody Blues. I can’t get over the footage from the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival. 
Moody Blues – Threshold of Dreams Add a female…

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Welcome to Inside the Q!

Ben Fong-Torres Posted to New Releases on April 2, 2013

You've just landed 'Inside the Q,' our new home for posts and reviews about Qello's vast library of video offerings and so much more. The Q is also my new home for my Senior Editor title to hang its hat.  If I wore hats. After years of writing about some of the best and most popular artists, I’m amazed to know that I can re-live many of those moments right from my iPad.  With Qello, I’ve found tons of classic concerts that I can watch in their entirety,…

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